Medical Equipments

It is vital for all the healthcare institutions to be equipped with the state-of-the-art and durable electro-medical equipment. Most of our products are life-saving. Hence, the availability of such equipment becomes very critical for a hospital.Beside are the few categories of equipment, which Noor International is pleased to offer:

Critical Care, Lab and Scientific Equipments, Sterilization(CSSD). 

Power To Electronics

Benazir imports and exports high-tech electronic solutions, both standard and to customer specifications. Gicar proposes innovative products and actively works together with each of its customers to meet their needs in various market sectors. Benazir aims to offer each customer comprehensive service. Major Imports/Exports are Automation - systems and equipment,Automatic dispensers,Medical electronics - apparatus and equipment, volumetric counters,electronic device for washing machines.

Sports Goods

Benazir are one of the most reliable importer and exporters of Soccer balls, Volley balls, Shooting balls, Base ball, Cricket Hard balls, sports wear for a long time in Pakistan and we are exporting our high quality products to all over the world with much acceptance.

Clothing Line

We have been specialising in the sorting and exporting of second-hand clothes, footwear, rags, antique and vintage costumes, which are sold to worldwide wholesalers and importers of second-hand clothing. Our goods are exported Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We sell wholesale and retail and are at your service with our warehouse.

professional approach

Find The Right Supplier

Like many buyers, the first problem which a newbie importer, or even if he has been in the industry for some time, has to face is from where to start. One option is to visit your principal country while the other option is to contact the companies working in your selected country from Pakistan and import products without even meeting your principal company. This presents an issue of trust but on the other hand visiting the country from where you have to import may include a lot of cost involved. Secondly, at the time on which you want to go, may be, there are no trade shows so again your visit might be fruitless. So, this represents a conundrum which one needs to solve. Thanks to modern technology, this issue has been solved by modern big b2b trade websites. One of those is One of most reliable and trust worthy among all operationg importers/exporters in Pakistan with some really good reputition.